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SGM is pleased to announce the addition of a new Durango location and expanded water rights, water resources, and environmental service offerings with the addition of Bikis Water Consultants. Read the Press Release

Bikis Water Consultants (BWC) provides water rights, water resources and environmental consulting services for public and private entities, Native American tribes, ski resorts, metropolitan districts and water conservation districts. BWC’s professional geologists and biologists have more than 60 years of combined experience in water resource and environmental consulting.


Water Rights

Perhaps nowhere else in the world has water rights administration evolved to the level it has in Colorado. Water rights in Colorado are governed by Colorado’s prior appropriation doctrine of “first in time, first in right”. The numerous laws, treaties, compacts and precedent-setting court cases that regulate water rights administration have made water rights engineering in Colorado a highly specialized service.   Our understanding of Colorado Water Rights combined with our expansive knowledge of all aspects of water management, such as the collection, treatment and distribution of drinking water, gives SGM a unique perspective when approaching water resources challenges.


  • Augmentation Plans
  • Demand/Depletion Analysis
  • Exchange Plans
  • Change of Use Plans
  • Diligence Support
Water Resource Planning

Forest health, climate variability, population growth, endangered species, declining water quality, increasing regulations, increasing cost and decreasing revenues…addressing water supply issues in Colorado can be a daunting task. SGM has been helping clients develop safe, legal, reliable water supplies for over 20 years. SGM provides a multi-disciplinary approach to water projects at all stages of planning, study, design and construction. By combining our expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, water rights and water treatment with an intimate understanding of each client’s unique water demand, infrastructure and financial situation, SGM develops innovative solutions to water supply challenges of all sizes.


  • Water demand projections
  • Integrated water resource plans
  • Watershed protection
  • Water conservation
  • Collection system analysis and design
  • Distribution system analysis
  • Drinking water treatment
Environmental Consulting

Clean Water Act Compliance and Implementation

BWC is very experienced with Clean Water Act projects, including Section 106 projects (water pollution control programs) and Section 319(b) projects (non-point source management programs). BWC develops surface water and groundwater quality monitoring programs, non-point source pollution assessments and management plans, and Quality Assurance Project Plans.

Wetland Delineation and Section 404 Permitting

Wetlands are protected under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. Authorization from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) regulatory program is required in order to discharge dredged or fill material into any Waters of the U.S., including wetlands. Development projects that effect wetlands typically require a wetland delineation, Section 404 permit, and a wetland mitigation plan. BWC’s staff is experienced in wetland regulations per the Army Corp standards and can provide assistance in the Section 404 permitting process, including the new Interim Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual for the Arid West Region. BWC also is experienced in developing wetland mitigation and monitoring plans approved by the USACE. Many counties and cities require setbacks from wetlands or have expanded on the Army Corps wetland definition. BWC is current with existing County and City wetland regulations.

Environmental Studies

BWC’s environmental scientists and biologists specialize in wetland studies, threatened and endangered species studies, and NEPA compliance (including biological and environmental assessments). BWC is experienced in conducting avian surveys, vegetation surveys, soil and irrigation studies as well as fish and macroinvertebrate studies. Additional specialties include:

  • Construction observation
  • Revegetation and monitoring plans
  • Wetland mitigation planning
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Water measurements, including stream gauging, flume installations, and stream gauge calibration
  • Irrigation studies, including irrigated wetlands
  • Geothermal water

Geologic Hazards Analyses

Geologic land-use reports are commonly required in geologically sensitive areas in the southwest. Many counties require that geologic hazards be adequately mapped and mitigated for prior to final development design. BWC reviews existing geologic information of the project area prior to a site visit to assess geologic conditions. BWC identifies geologic hazards and develops mitigation measures to the subject property based on available information and the field investigation. The Colorado Geologic Survey provides an agency review of the geologic hazards analyses prepared by BWC.

Aquatic Biology and Bioassessments

Biological information is being used increasingly in water quality permitting and management decisions. This is because aquatic organisms make excellent indicators of the health of a stream. BWC staff has solid experience and capabilities with completion of bioassessments, habitat evaluations, and other work related to aquatic biology. The findings from this work can assist with discharge permitting, stream classification hearings use attainability studies and related matters. Our services include testimony at state water quality hearings and negotiations with regulators.

Stream and Lake Enhancements

Lakes naturally age and can become filled with weeds and algae. Streams can be affected by sediment and water diversions causing low flows. These situations can often be remedied to return the lake to its original condition, or improve a stream for fishing. BWC provides services for lake restoration and stream improvements. We believe in a comprehensive approach to lake restoration that addresses the underlying causes, and not just the symptoms. Services for lake restoration and studies include preparation of lake management plans, lake enhancement programs, and lake dredging. Services for stream improvements include preparation of habitat improvement plans for fishing and stream enhancement.

Meet the Team

  • Eric Bikis, PG
    Eric Bikis, PG Senior Consultant, Bikis Water Consultants Founder
  • David Schiowitz, PG
    David Schiowitz, PG Water Resources Team Leader, Durango

 Durango Office

Durango Office

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