SGM is filled with technical-minded engineers, land surveyors and consultants who spend their days focused on solving tough problems for our clients. That is what we do – we solve problems –SGM Victory Gong lots of them. A strong tendency of our group is to get on with tackling the next challenge before the solution for the most recent one is wrapped-up. That’s why a handful of years ago, we introduced the SGM Victory Gong.

Gong ringings have helped make celebrating success a key part of SGM’s culture. At gong ringings, we invite the entire staff to gather in the common area and share accounts of new project wins, jobs well-done, and successful client relationships. Employees recognized as key contributors to these success stories then get to try their hand at banging a two-foot-diameter gong to memorialize the occasion. Some folks prefer to elicit big, bold-sounding reverberations from the gong and others soft vibrations with buttery undertones.

Independent of the sound, we’ve found gong ringings to be a great way to remember that at SGM, in the midst of all that problem-solving, we are lucky to be doing meaningful work for great clients. And we’re thankful to have the opportunity every day to help build strong Colorado communities.

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