Over the past 10 years SGM has expanded its mapping services from creating hard copy maps to putting internet, cloud-based mobile mapping tools into our client’s hands.

Traditionally, SGM’s clients have used an assortment of hard copy plats, as-builts, maps, and inspection forms to help them understand their infrastructure and manage assets.  More recently, mobile mapping technology, based off Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, has proven to be a game changer for the Engineering and Surveying industries.  One of our jobs has been to help our clients take advantage of the tools being developed out of this digital mapping revolution.

Vail_GISA recent example involves the Town of Vail. The SGM GIS Team is working with the Town’s Public Works staff to develop a comprehensive GIS spatial database of their Stormwater Infrastructure System. Staff in the field can access the database using a mobile device such as an iPad or smartphone to locate, inspect, and record annual infrastructure maintenance. The database also allows the Town to schedule stormwater infrastructure improvements, and supports their on-going efforts to assess and mitigate water quality concerns in Gore Creek and tributaries within the Town. Being able to access infrastructure in a mobile map setting allows Town staff to better understand their stormwater system, and has improved workflows and communication between office and field staff.

What does the future hold for mobile mapping technology? No one knows for sure, but you can bet SGM’s GIS Team will always be on the lookout for innovative ways to help our clients transform their work flows and daily routines through the power of GIS.

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