Ron MittleiderIf you ever want to understand technology’s impact on engineering, or find a great 4×4 trail, talk to Ron Mittleider. Ron heads up SGM’s CAD department, and is known throughout the company for his commitment to quality. He recently reflected back on the rapid progression of drafting. “Back when SGM started, we were still hand drafting,” said Ron. “In 1987, I taught myself AutoCAD. SGM was the first company around to use CAD for drafting. From there we progressed through LDD to where we are now with Civil 3D.” He adds, “To put it in perspective, it used to take us a week to create a topographic map with contours. Now it takes an hour. It’s great to harness technology to create and design more efficiently.”

SGM continues to remain on the forefront through investing in cutting edge technology. And Ron will continue to do what he loves doing—finding off-road adventures, and providing top-quality design for SGM’s engineering clients.

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