Grand Valley Roller Dam

Over the past few years, Louis Meyer, Angie Fowler, and Brendon Langenhuizen of SGM have had the opportunity to represent several clients and engage key stakeholders in the Colorado River Basin as part of the Colorado Basin Implementation Plan (BIP) process, a key component of Governor Hickenlooper’s ambitious Colorado Water Plan. As a company that has been serving and working with clients on the Western Slope for over 30 years, it was an honor to represent their interests in a statewide planning effort.

Crystal River Kayakers

Crystal River Kayakers

In developing the BIP, SGM made every effort to represent the full spectrum of Colorado River users, from government representatives to special interest groups and local citizens. Touring county to county, SGM conducted an extensive outreach effort that reached over 900 citizens! SGM and Roundtable members also worked with representatives of the seven sub-regions of the Colorado River Basin (Eagle, Summit, State Bridge, Grand County, Grand Valley, Roaring Fork, Middle Colorado) to identify the vulnerabilities, threats, and needs of the Colorado River Basin’s agricultural, environmental, recreational, municipal, and industrial communities and ultimately prioritize projects that can mitigate these issues.


Harvest Time

The Colorado Basin Roundtable is actively supporting and implementing these projects, ensuring each one aligns with the six overarching themes of the Colorado Water Plan:

  • Protect the Health of Rivers and Streams
  • Sustain Agriculture
  • Secure Safe Drinking Water
  • Encourage a High Level of Basinwide Conservation
  • Develop Local Water-Conscious Land Use Strategies
  • Assure Dependable Basin Administration

Our involvement in this effort has added a new level of service and value to our clients. We recognize the need to consider how a project can be expanded to include other benefits, interests, stakeholders, and objectives, and align with statewide water goals.

Interested in learning more or getting involved? Call us! We also encourage you to visit the Colorado Water Conservation Board website to read up on the Colorado Basin Implementation Plan and the Colorado Water Plan, and to discover opportunities to participate through your local Basin Roundtable.



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