SGM has a reputation for working hard, and playing just as hard. We enjoy the camaraderie of hiking, skinning, and rafting with colleagues and clients as we take advantage of western Colorado’s vast recreational opportunities. During the summer there are almost as many bikes around the office as there are employees.

KM_C654e-20161006075311Over the years we’ve had triathlon, broomball, hockey and curling teams. Even a softball team that was, admittedly, pretty horrible. We’d easily rival a second-hand sports store if we collected all the gear we have laying around—skis, sticks, bikes, balls, clubs, rafts—you name it, we’ve probably done it!

What you might be surprised to find out are some of the hidden talents behind the demeanor of hard-working SGM employees. Take for instance Bailey Leppek, water resources engineer by day, poetry slam aficionado by night. Musically, wastewater engineer Justin Kattnig plays the cello, and COO Matt Webster plays the guitar. We’ve got artists (wastewater engineer Casey Hinkson and CAD designer Diana Williams) and photographers (CAD designer Kyle Simonson, civil engineer Jay Hammond, Durango administrative assistant Diana Chumney, and field engineer Blaine Wright) in our midst as well.

Here at SGM we believe that a culture that fosters well-roundedness delivers better results for our clients. We’re fortunate our work-life balance happens in western Colorado, where there are more opportunities than hours in the day to follow extracurricular pursuits.


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