A visual tour of SGM’s identity across the years.

Original SGM Logo

Apparently SGM planned to conquer the world when it opened shop in 1986!
90s version of SGM Logo

The 90’s version of SGM’s logo continued to visually cement who we were with what we offered, in a more streamlined fashion. Perhaps we realized world domination was a bit far-fetched, and that we should stick to Western Colorado!
2005 SGM Logo 

The 2005 version of SGM’s logo introduced the emblem for which SGM is most known, fondly called the Pac-Man or the rocking horse.
SGM 20th Anniversary Logo

A commemorative logo was created for SGM’s 20th anniversary to mark this important company milestone.
SGM Logo

In 2012, both leadership transitions and growth of non-engineering services such as Asset Management, GIS, and energy management led the company to simplify the logo, adopting the initials of SGM’s founders. And it is certainly easier to pronounce than ‘Schmueser’!
30th Anniversary SGM Logo

Providing top-notch engineering, consulting, and surveying services for 30 years certainly warrants another commemorative logo. In 2016 we look forward to celebrating the employees, clients, and projects that have shaped our past and contributed to our success.


Is a rocking horse incorporating the globe the next evolution of SGM’s logo? Doubtful! But SGM will continue to provide world-class service and innovative solutions for the next 30 years and beyond–on that you can count.

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