About Us

Building SGM

About Us

Building SGM

For over three decades, SGM employees have lived and raised families in the Western Slope communities they have helped build.

SGM’s roots trace back to its founding in 1986 by Dean Gordon and Louis Meyer. Since our inception, we have embraced a journey of growth while steadfastly preserving our small-company feel. SGM flourished under the leadership of Louis Meyer and Dean Gordon. Their exceptional work ethic, commitment to technical excellence, and passion for community service have been the secret sauce to our success. Louis’s vision for growth and Dean’s relentless dedication to making our clients successful, paved the way for a new generation of engineers, surveyors and scientists.

Over the years, we’ve also cultivated a distinct culture, forged in the camaraderie of ski lodges, the thrill of mountain bike trails, and occasionally, discussions over a beer in a conference room. Our culture thrives in traditions like the Victory Gong, where staff share project victories, achievements, and client partnerships. Or through the Grassroots Committee. The Grassroots Committee is a collective employee voice filled with a diverse range of team members who advise our leadership team on company policies, working to improve SGM’s overall work environment.

As we evolved, our team has expanded to over 100 dedicated professionals and continues to grow.

We now boast seven offices strategically positioned throughout the Western Slope to serve our clients best. Maintaining our commitment to a close-knit community, SGM takes pride in the fact that we are privately owned with all of our shareholders being active employees.

Core values that define who we are from the ground up.
Core values that define who we are from the ground up.
Client Centric
We take the long view.

We develop and maintain long-term client relationships and deliver recognized value through tailored solutions that meet their needs.

Community Minded
Our Western Colorado roots run deep.

We invest our time, energy and resources in supporting our communities to make them great place to live.

Employee Powered
Our employees drive success.

We have and we seek great people. We support, respect and collaborate with each other as we pursue our passions in and out of work.

Quality Focused
We continue to raise the bar.

We produce solutions we can be proud of and never stop improving as we strive for excellence.

SGM’s impact in action

We dedicate our time, energy, and resources to enhance the well-being of our communities, striving to create exceptional places to live, personally and professionally. From participating in local river cleanups to organizing office food drives during the holiday season, our employees are actively encouraged to volunteer year-round. Moreover, SGM contributes at least 5% of our annual earnings to support local non-profits in Western Colorado.